Beaver Creek, CO – A Winter Version of Disney


As sacrilegious as it may sound to die-hard Disney fans, there is a place on this planet that is even more worthy of creating lasting family memories than Disney.   This magical place is Beaver Creek, CO. Whether your pleasure is tubing, skiing, skating, roasting marshmallows or eating chocolate chip cookies, Beaver Creek will find a […]

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The Best (and Worst) Airport Hubs for Traveling Families


Unless you are traveling to and from a major city, it is likely you will have a connection before arriving at your final destination. Each airline has hubs through which it routes the majority of its connecting flights. When choosing your flight, it’s handy to know which hubs offer kid-friendly options for traveling families.

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Entertaining Babies and Toddlers on Airplanes


You paid more for luggage than the actual price of your airfare, you shoved your over-large stroller through the security checkpoint, and you watched in resignation as your child did laps around the moving walkways. As the plane boards, most parents suffer some degree of anxiety about the potential public humiliation they will endure if their […]

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The Perfect Baby Stroller


Writing this article is akin to stepping into the void. If you think it’s hard to choose a baby stroller, try writing a review about them! After scouring internet chat rooms, independent consumer reviews, Amazon reviews, baby equipment websites, baby stroller manufacturer websites and even YouTube, I think I finally have a clear perspective of […]

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Prevent Airplane Ear

Cute Baby Boy Isolated on White

The majority of parents traveling with young children worry about airplane ear. What Is Airplane Ear? A short anatomy lesson will help you understand airplane ear and how it develops. Ear pain is caused by a difference in pressure in the middle ear and the cabin of the airplane.  This occurs most often and most intensely during descent, […]

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Destinations for Traveling with Baby

It was a running joke amongst friends that our family moved every time I got pregnant. Though it was a daunting task to move babies from Michigan to northern California, to Colorado and back to Michigan in a 3 year period, the experience provided tremendous depth for sharing baby-friendly destinations. Cities When choosing a place […]

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How to Choose a Baby Stroller


This article is reprinted from’s “Stroller Buying Guide”. It is a very well-written, comprehensive review of the many factors to be considered in choosing a stroller. Overviews of each stroller category are followed by potential features and appropriate age ranges. It is a must-read for anyone considering the purchase of a stroller. A stroller […]

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Car Trip With Baby


Successful Car Trip (suk-ses’ful kar trip) – A trip by automobile in which all passengers arrive at a given destination (though not necessarily the originally intended destination) alive and in one piece.  Now that we’ve established the definition of “success” as it relates to taking a car trip with a baby, we can discuss some […]

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Top 5 Tips to Lighten Your Load

It is always shocking to see what is required to take young children on a vacation.  Since most airlines are charging $15-$25 for EACH bag in EACH direction, lightening your load makes travel more efficient and more affordable.

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Contents of the Perfect Carry-On

Picking the right bag for your carry-on is important.  The key word is “accessibility”.  A bag with several compartments is a great choice.  The things you need most frequently should be in an outside pocket or near the top of the pack. Examples of these might include bottles, burp cloth, a quick snack and something […]

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