Grandma Heidi’s Pre-Departure Check List

With all the things a family needs to do to get ready for a trip, it’s handy to have a pre-departure check list to keep things in hand.  Grandma Heidi is my mother-in-law.  She and her husband, Dr. Widger, are seasoned travelers.  For more recommendations from Grandma Heidi, see Grandma Heidi’s Packing List and Grandma Heidi’s Departure Day Check List.

Pre-Departure Check List

  • Fill prescriptions for medication
  • Get a backup prescription for medications that my be lost in transit
  • Scan birth certificates and passports into your computer if you’re taking it with you.
  • Send a copy of birth certificates and passports to a friend or family member
  • Send travel itinerary to a friend / family member
  • If you and your husband have health care proxies, scan them into your system as well
  • Empty the refrigerator of all things that can spoil
  • Confirm arrangements for pets
  • Do last minute laundry and ironing
  • Put mail on hold
  • Pay bills
  • Set e-mail autoresponders
  • Final instructions to office manager / secretary / housekeeper, etc.
  • Notify school teacher / principal that kids will be out of school


  1. Grandma Heidi says:

    As we get ready to depart on another road trip, I was reminded of a few things Grandpa always takes care of that I neglected to put on the list. Applicable, obviously, only if planning a car trip.

    Check the oil, tires and tire pressure, and windshield wiper fluid before departure., If any concerns about the performance of your car, have a reputable repair shop check it out before departure.

    And, because of the wonderful app OUR GROCERIES and because we are renting a house, I have 40 items on my grocery store list for our first shop already listed and as things pop into my head, I add them. Fun thing is new addition of being able to use my desktop computer when available.

    Grandma Heidi
    Grandma Heidi

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