Grandma Heidi’s Departure Day Check List

If you’ve stayed up late packing and attending to all the details involved with getting ready for a trip, you will appreciate a departure day check list. It’s helpful in reducing mind-clutter and quelling that nagging suspicion that you’ve forgotten something important.  For more tips from Grandma Heidi, see Grandma Heidi’s Packing List and Grandma Heidi’s Pre-Departure Check List.

Departure Day Check List

Send travel itinerary to a friend / family member
Make sure all appliances are turned off
– Coffee pot
– Stove
– Heaters
– Gas Fireplaces
– Toaster oven
Empty coffee carafe
Run dishwasher
Turn off
– Lights
– Computers
– Stereo system
– Televisions
– Fans
Make sure answering machine is set
Turn down thermostats
Turn down hot water heater
Water plants
Take out the garbage
Run / empty the garbage disposal
Bring pet to kennel or friend’s house
– Pet food / dishes
– Pet toys / balls
– Pet towels
– Pet medications
– Pet cages / leashes
Lock doors


  1. Nancy Clark says:

    Also… don’t forget to run the garbage disposal and take out the trash so the house isn’t stinky when you return home 🙂 Thanks for All of your lists!

  2. Grandma Heidi says:

    Wonderful additions.