Flying With Children


Flying with children is life's opportunity to dish us up a big dose of empathy. Remember that time before having kids of your own? When you had the solutions to every parenting problem? Of course your sister's kid has ADD. After all, she lets him watch way too much TV, eat too much sugar and go to bed a ridiculous hour! And that screaming child in seat 13C on the flight to Las Vegas? Obviously spoiled rotten. We can certainly see who rules the roost in that family, can't we? Looks like someone … [Continue reading...]

US Passports for Children


Do you need passports for children when traveling to other countries? The answer is an emphatic "yes"!  Even when traveling to Mexico, EVERY U.S. citizen is required to have a valid passport. The only exception is travel to Canada by land or sea. When traveling from Canada by air, you are still required to present a valid passport upon return to the United States. This includes children. But a child is still allowed back into the US from Canada with only a birth certificate as proof of … [Continue reading...]

Riva del Garda, Italy


When my husband asked a well-traveled European friend where our family should spend a month in Europe, his emphatic reply was Riva del Garda, Italy. With three young children, ages 6, 4 and 3, we needed a place that provided lots of activity to keep the little ones entertained. Lake Garda delivered in style!

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5 Tips for Flying with a Baby


You’ve scoured the internet for travel destinations, successfully booked your vacation, and purchased of an obscene amount gear for traveling with your baby.  As your departure date looms ever nearer, apprehension mounts as you contemplate a flight with your new little bundle of joy. Fear not.  Whether this is your first trip or you’ve already […]

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Algarve, Portual – Tina’s Holiday Extras


Many of my posts are written from the perspective of a US citizen. But after spending a couple weeks with British friends who were staying in our guest house with their 18 month old baby, I realized that we need to provide more posts for our friends over the pond. With that in mind, let […]

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You “Guten” anything for that?


by Michelle Moore, Nurse and mother of two When a child gets sick overseas… My husband and I traveled 14 hours from California to Germany, and were DELIGHTED when our room was equipped with black-out drapes so we could all adjust to the new time zone. We were equally delighted when our 2 year old […]

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Car Games – Part 2:Turn Your Car Into A Rolling Preschool


Hmmm. Car Games-Part 1:Baby was delivered to you on May 22. Now, nearly four months later, we bring you Part 2 of our car travel series. It’s been a wonderfully relaxing summer, replete with pleasure-filled days hanging out with the kids on the shores of Lake Charlevoix.

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Photo Contest Winner!


We have a winner for the Baby Travel iPhone App photo contest! This contest was open to subscribers to Dr. Northrup’s e-newsletter and we got some great entries. The Pop-a-Tot activity center goes to Jen Salko.

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Car Games – Part 1: Baby


If you read my last post, Share Your Plane Trip with Young Kids Disaster Story, you may have realized that I started not because I have all the answers, but because I made a lot of mistakes. But my ineptitude was not limited to air travel. In fairness to myself, I wasn’t inept at […]

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Share Your Plane Trip with Young Kids Disaster Story


Sharing travel tales of woe? How is this productive? Rest assured, I am not trying to encourage anyone to wallow in self-pity or scare the pants off some new parent preparing for their first airplane trip with a young child. Mistakes are our best teacher. And why not let someone else make them instead of […]

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