Share Your Plane Trip with Young Kids Disaster Story

Sharing travel tales of woe? How is this productive? Rest assured, I am not trying to encourage anyone to wallow in self-pity or scare the pants off some new parent preparing for their first airplane trip with a young child. Mistakes are our best teacher. And why not let someone else make them instead of […]

Dr. Christiane Northrup

“Mothers are our taproots into the earth.” Dr. Christiane Northrup encourages women to “Celebrate their maternal legacy” this Mother’s Day. Here is a brief excerpt from her May newsletter, “Women’s Health Wisdom”: “Nothing, and I mean nothing, trumps the influence of your mother on all aspects of your life. And regardless of whether your relationship […]

Baby Travel iPhone App Launches iPhone AppWords cannot possibly DESCRIBE how excited I am to introduce you to this app. A big shout-out to my husband, John, for encouraging me to design an iPhone app and to Scott Holliday, the lead app developer at Jacobs Media. I also want to thank family, friends, Facebook fans and Twitter followers […]

Technology to Make Travel Easier

Faithful BabyTravel followers will know that I originally published this post 2 months ago. Since then, we’ve seen a HUGE increase in the number of iPhone apps for parents traveling with children. I am re-posting this with three times the apps. Please post comments if you have a great iPhone, Blackberry or Droid app for […]

Time Zone Strategies – East to West

The BabyTravel team hit the road last week! It’s not a very big team – 5 to be exact – largely comprised of people under the age of 8 or people who act like they are under the age of 8. Ahem. Our latest excursion was a voyage to Santa Barbara to visit my husband’s […]

Grandma Heidi’s Packing List

Grandma Heidi is my mother-in-law. She and her husband, Dr. Widger, spend 9 months a year away from their home in Ellicottville, NY. Most of their time is spent in Beaver Creek, Colorado. But they also spend several weeks traveling to other favorite spots in northern Oregon, coastal Georgia and a handful of secluded destinations […]

Grandma Heidi’s Pre-Departure Check List

With all the things a family needs to do to get ready for a trip, it’s handy to have a pre-departure check list to keep things in hand.  Grandma Heidi is my mother-in-law.  She and her husband, Dr. Widger, are seasoned travelers.  For more recommendations from Grandma Heidi, see Grandma Heidi’s Packing List and Grandma […]

Grandma Heidi’s Departure Day Check List

GRANDPARENT TIPS If you’ve stayed up late packing and attending to all the details involved with getting ready for a trip, you will appreciate a departure day check list. It’s helpful in reducing mind-clutter and quelling that nagging suspicion that you’ve forgotten something important.  For more tips from Grandma Heidi, see Grandma Heidi’s Packing List […]

Carley Roney Founder of

I’ve been listening to an interview series by the founder of Mothercraft Coaching, Carley Knobloch.  The profiles of the moms she interviews are fascinating.  I’ve synthesized the information in these interviews and applied it to traveling with young children.  The first interview is with Carley Roney, the editor-in-chief and co-founder of, a hip one-stop wedding […]

Measuring Your Child’s Feet for Shoes

Last spring, we were packing for a six week trip to Europe. Three days before the trip, our son announced that is shoes felt tight. Since a shoe shopping trip was not in the cards, I hopped on the internet to buy new shoes. (thank heavens for Amazon Prime with free 2-day shipping!) Not knowing […]